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“The data-driven company is no longer a myth. Companies are accelerating the implementation of their activity management through data. The first projects and use cases are producing spectacular results and a previously underestimated potential.

But the transition from a traditional organisation to a data-driven organisation is not a matter of course. It requires not only a change in culture, but also the implementation of organisational and technological projects.

To enable our clients to meet these strategic challenges, our data enhancement services cover the entire value chain. We help organisations make performance and profitability gains through data analysis and development and our mastery of the digital realm. These challenges involve setting up target organisations, architectures and innovative technological solutions for performance management.

To offer perfectly customised services to all companies, Datavalue Consulting relies on strategic alliances with leaders in the business software market, such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Hadoop-based platform distributors.”

Abdelaziz Joudar – DataValue Consulting President

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